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Thatcher Drew, President & CEO

Thatcher is a cross-media communications strategist with major accomplishments in television, print, and the Internet, including an Emmy nomination and numerous other awards. He has created breakthrough marketing and communications campaigns for dozens of major corporations including BOC Gases, Agfa, IFF, LTV Steel, Lykes Lines, Pepsi, Atlantic Records, Grolier, Avaya, and IBM. In 1996 Thatcher took a leave from his own, successful company (Drew/Fairchild Inc.) to be a part of the Internet revolution, most recently as EVP of Fusebox, a successful professional services firm.

Thatcher founded BIM in 2001 to break open the passive quality of the Internet… to help marketers actively connect, pitch and inform customers in a more powerful way.

Phil Price, VP, Creative Director

Phil Price has handled design and marketing assignments for literally hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporations both directly and working with major ad agencies.

He has won design and animation awards throughout his career including Mobius, Monitor, ACE, Telly, BDA, Promax, New York Film and Television Festival, the Houston International Film and Video Festival and Art Direction Creativity Awards.

Phil co-founded Click 3X in 1993, one of the most innovative animation and design firms of the digital revolution, and was design director for Tape House Digital (now Black Logic).

Philip John Basile, Developer

Phil Basile offers more than eight years of experience as a developer. He is a certified search engine marketer, and has broad programming experience that expands from the front end to the back end of web development. Phil has been known as an innovator since the early days of the Web.

Martin Schecter, Strategy (Juxta Digital is a BIM partner)

Marty has led production of multimedia, interactive marketing, and interactive businesses for AT&T, Hearst, IBM, Armani Exchange, Smithsonian Magazine, HarperCollins, John Wiley & Sons, Ploughshares Magazine, Hearst Books, the Economist, and the BBC. Prior to 1994, Mr. Schecter was an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Drake University.

Michael Sutula, Information Design & Programming (Juxta Digital is a BIM partner)

Michael offers more than sixteen years of experience as a software developer and project manager, with expertise in database development. He has created proprietary television marketing, tracking and operations systems for BBC as well as web and networked based information systems for Court TV, Columbia University, Jim Henson Company, and Ploughshares Magazine. He developed media-planning, buying, and reach-frequency systems for Arbitron, Hasbro, Playskool, Milton Bradley, Kenner, and Sharp Electronics, among others.

about bim business internet marketing
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