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adobe acrobat connect
adobe acrobat connect
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A Bayer Healthcare Training Provider

Online Product Demonstrations

enterprise communications systems

Adobe Acrobat Connect is the first fully integrated communications system for online:

  • Live Meetings
  • Posted Presentations
  • Training
The Next Step in Online Marketing
For the first time, organizations can connect with customers with nuanced, rich media communications that combine web interactivity with linear presentations.

Simple Technology - Powerful Resources

The base technology is familiar and easy... Power Point and Flash. The ability to add powerful, rich media support is virtually limitless.

  • Video
  • Calculators
  • Animations
  • Narration

BIM is an early adopter of Adobe Acrobat Connect and is at the forefront of Adobe Acrobat Connect rich media development and programming.

BIM Value
We manage Adobe Acrobat Connect technology for our clients. We apply it to both marketing and training. We apply our experience with all media including animation, video, and leading-edge Web programming to creating Adobe Acrobat Connect presentations & meetings that connect with customers in a powerful way.
adobe acrobat connect
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