SunGard’s intelliSUITE of solutions
Automates the transaction lifecycle for financial services institutions. Comprised of best-of-breed business solutions for matching & reconciliation, exception processing, customer self-service, and liquidity management, the intelliSUITE of solutions promotes operational efficiencies that drive STP, and helps lower operational risk and costs.

intelliMATCH EP
Real-time generic solution that supports many different lines of business, using flexible, rules-based matching processes to automate the reconciliation of multiple instruments, enabling a consolidation of operations across the enterprise and tighter control.

Real-time identification, assessment, and control of financial exceptions caused by payment failures, trade breaks, and service inquiries. This enterprise-wide solution to exception
management applies embedded business knowledge that reflects your organization's best practices to fully automate the resolution of open items and breaks.

intelliSUITE Dashboard
Improve control by monitoring key risk indicators in real-time and enabling drill down directly to the transaction level to execute business activities, such as matching or generating correspondence. The intelliSUITE dashboard provides a holistic view of business and operational data across the enterprise in real-time.

Real-time Information
Leverage the increasing availability of real-time information to benefit your business. Comprised of SWIFTNet Cash Reporting and Liquidity Management, your firm gets a real-time view of what your counterparty maintains is your position within the accounts you hold there,

as well as a real-time view across all of your accounts, held at various counterparties SWIFTNet Cash Reporting provides query and response functionality to get data from your counterparties in real-time, via SWIFTNet. You instantly have a view to your position at that counterparty and have the ability to track your short and long positions to make better funding decisions. Liquidity Management ingests real-time data, for cash and collateral, from your counterparties and reconciles that data against your own books and records, providing a consolidated view of your positions across all of your trading partners and counterparties, providing the ability to make better funding decisions and effectively manage liquidity across many lines of business.

intelliTRAN Customer Service
Web customer self-service through real-time remote access to detailed statement and transaction information, interactive investigation and case status updates and balance and transaction reporting.

Customer inquiries are resolved faster and more efficiently, improving your customer service and reducing your risk, as well as reducing your customers' risk. In fact, SunGard STeP and American Express Bank were jointly awarded the IT/Business Alignment of the Year award from The Banker for the excellence in customer service that American Express has achieved. Find out more at:

Tiger Cyber
A front-end trade finance and cash management initiation system. An industry standard for international corporate electronic banking, it provides connectivity between a bank and its corporate customers. It supports Import and Export L/Cs, Direct Collection Letters, Funds Transfers, Balance and Transaction Reporting, Bank Statements, Purchase Orders, Discrepancy Tracking, Foreign Drafts, Factoring and Export Document Preparation. Financial institutions use Tiger Cyber to provide international trade finance and cash management to their corporate clients. Corporations use its Web-based reverse auction system for standby letters of credit and bank guarantees wherein corporate treasurers award their business to participating banks.

Tiger Cyber creates SWIFT messages supporting the various financial instruments noted above, for delivery to a back-office or processing system. It accepts and processes related SWIFT messages produced by other external systems such as end-user client systems or back-office systems: i.e. L/C advisement and acknowledgements, transferable L/C's, and intra-day and end-of-day account statements.


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