Cash Reconcilliation(5 consecutive years)

Securities Reconciliation (5 consecutive years)

Nostro Account Information for Providers
(since inception in 2002)

Nostro Account Information for Users
(since inception in 2002)

Exceptions and Investigations (new in 2005)


SunGard has been awarded, for the fifth consecutive year, the highest accreditation available from SWIFT: SWIFTReady Gold for Securities Reconciliation and for Cash Reconciliation.

SunGard is also the only vendor to achieve SWIFTNet Ready accreditation for Exceptions and Investigations. This new label accreditation underlines the importance of messaging standards and market practice with regard to automating exception processing.

SunGard will have on show a joint demo with SWIFT to show these new standard SWIFTNet messages flowing through intelliTRACS, SunGard’s automated exception processing solution.

SunGard: Full SWIFT Member

SunGard, through it subsidiary SunGard Institutional Brokerage Inc., is a full member of S.W.I.F.T., the industry-owned cooperative supplying secure, standardized messaging services to 7,500 financial institutions in 200 countries.


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