STeP MINT financial messaging solutions enable the global messaging and integration needs of financial institutions. MINT is the market leading SWIFTNet solution, providing the complete range of access options (FIN, FileAct, InterAct) and SWIFTNet services – including SWIFTNet Funds – along with all-in-one interface and integration for lowest Total Cost of Ownership. The MINT SWIFTNet platform is available through the SunGard SWIFTNet Service Bureau for institutions who are searching for the most cost-effective access to SWIFTNet. MINT also provides solutions for non-SWIFT payments and clearing, including SIC, SECOM and CREST.

As a leading provider of SWIFT FIN renovation solutions, SunGard STeP offers a cost-effective and phased approach to FIN renovation. Whether your needs center on MERVA renovation or another legacy interface, the MINT renovation solution addresses SWIFTNet FIN infrastructure requirements, ensuring FIN operations modernization while protecting past MERVA or other legacy investment and future proofs the organization's SWIFTNet operations.

Leverage your investment in SWIFTNet: reduce costs by using FileAct. Firms are searching for ways to exploit their new infrastructure in cost-effective and flexible ways. FileAct presents important opportunities, especially as the Securities Reporting and Bulk Payments initiatives gain momentum.
Your ability to drive cost reduction over time depends on a message-aware FileAct implementation. This must shield your underlying business applications from the complexity of sending files and messages over FileAct services. MINT FileAct solutions deliver this transparency, lowering FileAct build costs and protecting your investment in existing business applications.

MINT provides an entry-level, quickly deployed SWIFTNet Funds solution and advanced features that can be added to the standard solution for more sophisticated projects, or as your needs evolve. The MINT SWIFTNet Funds solution reduces integration risk and Total Cost of Ownership with All-in-One Interface and EAI.

MINT delivers a packaged solution that gives you everything you need to benefit from the SWIFTNet Funds initiative.

- InterAct Store & Forward interface
- Connect to SAG or SNL
SWIFTNet Funds message library
- Central routing
- Application integration
- Operations
- Industrial strength scalability and disaster recovery

MINT allows existing business applications to connect to disparate services, while isolating those applications from the complexities of those services. In particular, existing applications can easily be connected to EBA Step2 via MINT.

File Mode
Applications that already use EBA Step2 format files can continue to do so, with MINT ensuring delivery of the files and correct handling and routing of response files.

Message Mode
Applications that are not 'aware' of EBA Step2 can be connected to the service via MINT without any need to change protocols or business logic. MINT can accept messages in any format, reformat the messages, batch them into files and send them to EBA Step2. Responses are similarly transformed and routed back to the original application.


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