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Upgrade existing internet content, tag lines, design and navigation. Especially to improve the essential marketing of products, people and services by rewriting, rethinking and redesigning messaging.

BIM reformatting is more than just a design exercise. We help companies (and consultants) translate business planning and development into navigation, content, and design that connects with customers and achieves objectives.

recent work
Image of Girl   Access Group Complete Reformat & Redesign
Re-architect major financial services site including complete user experience analysis, internal functional review, design, and front-end programming.
ADP Reformat & Global Navigation
Re-architect the global navigation for a $9 billion dollar company. Build an intranet for storing and retrieving corporate-wide marketing assets. "Steve" Award winner for Corporate Information.
ADP Marketing Access Center
Intranet site and administration backend that houses ADP marketing resources including logos, newsletters, video, audio, photos, advertising, and other mission-critical assets and best practices.
Schoor DePalma Reformat & Redesign
Reformat and redesign provides immediate access to portfolio, services, capabilities and local contact information for this rapidly expanding engineering firm.
Combination e-mail outreach and product-focused minisite drive traffic to SunGard at the Sibos trade show.
EMM Site EMM Group
Marketing for marketers. Reformat and redesign involved complex analysis and rewriting of fundamental marketing principals employed by this top marketing innovator.
Hemo Concepts
Branding and productizing this high-growth medical & training company involved multiple media and a host of web-based marketing including e-mail systems, Adobe Acrobat Connect presentations, and a completely redesigned Web site.
Rapid reformatting and reprogramming launches new direction for e-commerice website.
website flash graphic design development deployment
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